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When designing a kitchen, you also have to consider the appliances you will equip it with because these will add to the comfort and functionality of your kitchen.

Every kitchen these days has a microwave. It’s a must-have for people leading busy lives. Where exactly do you put the microwave? On the countertop? Above the stove? In an island? In a pantry tower? Or under the counter microwave drawer.

So, to help you with your new kitchen design on where to place your microwave. We have given you a few options to ponder over!

Microwaves come in a range of sizes with varying heights, widths and depths. A position that’s ideal for the taller person of the house might simply be unreachable for the kids.

Locate your microwave in a location that’s convenient to the countertop stove top and fridge.

Safety First!

Adding a drawer with a wood platform in the pantry area under the microwave is a convenient way to assure a landing area for hot pots, plates and beverage containers.

That kind of positioning also minimises moving hot foods and drinks from one area of your kitchen to another – so there’s less chance of accidents.

Below Countertop Microwave

A below countertop microwave cabinet is another great space-saving option. A big benefit of this placement is the microwave is less visible in an open room layout. The island has become a popular area to place a microwave. It keeps the microwave off the countertop.

Microwave Shelf Cabinet

Placing a microwave on a shelf under a wall cabinet can be a great way of positioning a microwave. The benefit of this is keeping your countertop space free. Keep in mind that an overhead microwave cabinet will be deeper than other overhead cabinets.

Wall Oven Tower

Perhaps one of the most practical design solutions is placing a microwave above a wall oven in a tall cabinet. It works visually because cooking appliances are kept together. Aesthetically, that maintains a consistent look.

Positioning the microwave above a wall oven will also have your microwave at the perfect height. Not placing the microwave too high is most important because you never want to be lifting hot liquid above your line of site.

Microwave Trim Kit

You could also consider purchasing a microwave “trim kit”. Standard microwaves are fitted into an open cabinet with “air gaps” all-around for ventilation.

Using a microwave “trim kit” means that the microwave is fitted into a space in the same way as an oven or steamer this gives you a seamless appliance which is more visually appealing.

Over the Range Microwave

A great way to save some space is to invest in an over the range microwave oven.

The biggest advantage of an over the range microwave is that it helps you save space, which is essential in small kitchens where you can hardly fit all the appliances you need.

Due to the incorporated fans, the over the range microwave also works as a range hood, meaning you will have two items in one, so the functionality is increased.

There are some cons to the Over the Range Microwave.

You shouldn’t opt for an over the range microwave if you can’t install it at a proper height that will allow you to use it easily and safely. If not installed at proper height the over the range microwave will be uncomfortable and almost impossible to use by short people and children.

Another disadvantage related to the installation height is that it will be very hard to cook in tall pots because you won’t be able to observe the content during cooking.

An essential aspect for the over the range microwave to work as a hood is to duct it out, otherwise the fan will only serve for recirculating the air.

I hope that’s given you a good insight into where to put your microwave. If you’re thinking of a new kitchen, make sure you get help from an expert kitchen designer, like McKerlie Kitchen and Bath!!

When we are advising you on your dream kitchen, attention to detail is important – and a microwave is a great example of that principle.

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