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Smart vanity storage puts everything at your fingertips.

A vanity is about looks and functionality. The color and design need to work with the overall style but also provide storage, vanities can be custom built to fit in any space, make the most of a small bathroom or create a unique look.

Wall-to-Wall Vanity

Off-the-shelf vanities often leave a bit of dead space on either side, which is less than ideal, especially when you’re working with a smaller space.

At McKerlie Kitchen and Bath we can custom build a vanity to reach from wall to wall. The picture above shows a vanity with a custom linen tower to create a storage area which is convenient.

A vanity with two sinks allows the bathroom to easily accommodate more than one person — a great time-saver on busy mornings. This design gives each person a dedicated space and separates the two areas with a central storage unit. The elevated linen tower in the middle keeps the vanity top from becoming one long, cluttered space.

A mix of under sink cabinets, a central column of drawers offers versatile storage that easily accommodates a variety of items.

Vanity with drawers and recessed shelving

If your bathroom layout prevents a wall-to-wall vanity, select a design that fills the maximum amount of wall space. In the picture above, our client asked for plenty of drawers and counter space.
Need just a smidgen of extra storage? Fit sleek recessed shelves into the wall adjacent to the vanity as in this picture above.


Gap-filling shelving

Transform what would otherwise be an awkward, narrow gap. Transform this space into a convenient area for useful shelving, as seen in this space. Open shelves can make a small space feel larger.


Sleek Storage with Tall Linen Towers

Instead of trying to fit all your bathroom storage in the vanity, consider dedicating an entire wall to it. With sleek Shaker -panel doors a storage wall like this can hide everything from spare towels to toiletries.


Bench Seating

Whether your bathroom is cramped or spacious, a storage bench provides both extra seating and another place to store towels and other bathroom essentials.


Make up desk

A makeup vanity offers the perfect combination of dedicated space, storage, and style to make applying makeup a joy rather than a chore.

A mirror is a must, of course:  we make sure it’s large enough and situated at the right height for you to use when seated at your vanity.

You’ll also need plenty of light. Ideally, you want light coming from both sides of your face, so there are no shadows to throw off your blending.

The make up desk above has a built in led light, when door is closed the light atomically turns off and when open turns on. This desk provides an abundance of clutter free storage for make up items.

Come visit us at 110 Kendall St. Pt Edward for more ways to maximize your bathroom storage!