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Custom Peninsula Design.

Different than a freestanding island a kitchen peninsula offers three sides of workspace, with one end attached to a wall or perimeter space, often forming an ‘L shape.’ Peninsula layouts provide ample space and storage for a kitchen, and especially serve as an alternative option to an island for smaller-sized kitchens.

A peninsula will help you improve your L-shaped kitchen space and acts as a natural border between your kitchen and dining areas.  A peninsula can act as a friendly barrier when trying to prepare meals and entertaining.

The depth of the peninsula creates deep storage space below where you can add drawers, cabinets, shelving or appliances such as a beverage fridge or microwave for easy reach.

A seating area can also be added to the outer edge of the peninsula, away from the work zone for a casual place to sit around which would accommodate your family and quests.

If your peninsula is going to serve as a place for people to sit. Your going to want to add an overhanging countertop usually around 12” – 15” for leg room.

That said, peninsulas can be a great design alternative for any kitchen, where an island simply isn’t and option!

Island or Peninsula? We want you to make an informed decision so come visit us at 110 Kendall St.

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