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Many people can feel overwhelmed when doing a kitchen renovation because there are so many elements to decide on.

Like selecting the cabinets, flooring, and paint colour?

That’s only naming a few, so you can see how overwhelming it could be.

What we recommend is to select your countertop first. Before you choose cabinets, backsplash, flooring and paint – “pick your countertop”.

The countertop influences all the other elements that need to be selected, like paint and flooring.

Once you select that beautiful piece of quartz or granite, all other finishes are selected to complement that countertop.

McKerlie Kitchen and Bath builds and finishes all of our cabinets in house, so matching your cabinets to your countertop is easy. Other design elements will follow, and with the help of our designers, you will have an incredible kitchen, right down to your final finish – wall paint.

How to know what countertops to choose?

That’s next!

Check out the blog that discusses more about the features, benefits and differences between countertop options – and don’t forget to call the design team at McKerlie Kitchen and Bath – Point Edward’s Largest Cabinet Manufacturer.