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Select your countertop first.

Not only do we recommend you select your countertop first, but become familiar with the features, benefits and differences between the products available on the market.

There are many choices, like quartz, granite, laminate, and acrylic – each one offering different benefits and price points. The most popular are quartz and granite.

Cambria Quartz is manmade, using 93% quartz crystals combined with pigment and binder to create a beautiful countertop design. This means that the samples shown are just like they will be in your home. Quartz is safe for use as a food preparation surface, never needs sealing and is simple to keep clean with warm soapy water. Designs vary from solid colours to beautiful waves.

Granite is purely natural, granite comes in a wide selection of colour and pattern from quarries all over the world. Remember, granite does need to be sealed, but every piece is beautifully unique, which makes this product so desirable. If you want a countertop that is distinctively yours, we recommend you hand select that stunning slab of granite.

Call the design team for more information, at McKerlie Kitchen and Bath – Point Edward’s Largest Cabinet Manufacturer.