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How to Light A kitchen Island or Peninsula?

The lighting you choose for over the island or peninsula not only adds a visual element to your kitchen but provides functionality of the space.

Lighting is a key design element to make your kitchen ready for any task, entertaining and family.

The modern kitchen has become a gathering spot where many events take place, from large scale entertaining to family time.

Kitchen lighting is perhaps more important than any other room in the home. The island or peninsula is an area that there must be adequate ambient light and task lighting. You want to select lighting that will complement the range of functions that will be carried our in this area from chopping vegetables to reading and entertaining.


Pendants are great for task and decorative, consider using two of these rather than one, and think about a larger size to achieve a more upscale style.

Clusters of Pendant’s

Clusters of smaller pendants at various hanging heights can create an impressive display perfectly scaled for the island.


Recessed lighting

If you don’t want anything hanging over your island or peninsula, recessed lighting works perfectly. It offers a more concealed light source, while maintaining the appropriate illumination for all tasks.

Layering your lighting:

However, it’s good to think of your lighting plan three-dimensionally, and ways to layer it. Recessed lighting will provide continuous illumination across the kitchen while helping to highlight any decorative fixtures over the island or peninsula.

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