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Maximizing your available kitchen cabinets storage space with add-on parts and accessories should be a primary goal for your kitchen remodel! Maintaining peak function in your cooking space is all about accessibility with your work zones, ease of use.

Check out our most popular trends in available storage accessories. These examples are just a few of the storage accessories available to visit to see more……..


The Lemans Blind Corner Cabinet is a perfect solution for your corner storage cabinet, the blind corner pullout is an option for kitchens with space constraints, where the traditional lazy Susan isn’t effective.

Magic Corner

This well-hinged corner cabinet holds appliances and baking supplies. A magic corner storage unit eliminates the need to dig through items to reach the back of the cabinet.

Double Tear Cutlery Drawer

This wood double tear cutlery drawer is a great space for larger utensils and cutlery. This unique design provides two tiers for double the storage capacity!


Knife and Spice Drawer

The wood custom knife and spice drawer insert is a great way to keep organized. Your knives are stored without damaging and dulling. Spices can be easily accessible and remain hidden until use.

We can create a custom drawer to house our clients’ favourite knives!


Drawer Peg System

The drawer peg system is a must-have. It comes with adjustable pegs that you can easily place without any kind of sliding. This system can also be used for pot and pans to stay organized and easily available when you need them

Food Storage Container Organizer

Wow! Now that is organized. No missing lids! All your Tupperware fits tightly into this wood pull-out system for food container storage.

Cabinet Tray Divider

Tray dividers are very helpful for keeping all those baking sheets, muffin tins, small cake pans and even cutting boards upright and neat. They are usually housed in 9” or 12” cabinet next to the range for easy accessibility. An equally useful cabinet for tray dividers would be above the fridge.

Waste and Recycle Pull Out Cabinet

This is an item that should be considered when adding a new kitchen.
The pullout cabinet is designed to hold two wastebaskets for disposing of kitchen waste. The wastebaskets are large enough to accommodate using one for trash and the other for recycled items.
The Double Waste can pullout is also available in a larger four basket pullout!



Base Cabinet Pullout Knife/Utensil Base Organizer

Kitchen Knives fit securely in the knife block and keep your drawers and countertops clear while other large kitchen Utensils, which don’t store well in box drawers will remain organized and easily accessible in the Stainless-Steel Utensil Bins. The top shelf is height adjustable and all bins and inserts are removable for easy cleaning the bottom shelf also offers great storage for optimum kitchen organization.