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Hardware for your cabinets

Cabinet hardware has an important role of functionality and beauty.
Cabinet hardware has been called the jewelry of a kitchen!
So many hardware styles to choose from! You can find hardware in many different shapes and designs to work with any kitchen and bathroom design, whether you love traditional or contemporary styles.

Or just want to add a personal touch to make a statement of your own.

Cabinet hardware come in many different finishes from brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, glass, ceramic, wood, antique copper and more.

With many different choices available, the things to consider can include how well the style you choose compliments your design theme, how the hardware will function for you and your family.

A good tip for shopping for hardware pulls is to bring along family members to test out handles to make sure their hands fit comfortably!

Hidden Pulls

Best for below-counter drawers and cabinets, hidden pulls are affixed to the top edge of each door so that just the colour of the handles juts out some are more invisible, and others, called “edge pulls,” are just very minimalist but both are easy to grasp with your fingertips.


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Cut-outs or Notches can be a solution for visual clutter!

This kind of “handle” does away with the actual hardware on the face of the cabinet, giving it a very simple, streamlined, and modern feel.